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Calculator Policy

Mathematics Department Calculator Policy


The Darul Arqam School Mathematics Department believes that technology is an important tool that enhances student learning. In addition, we believe that students must have a firm basis in the foundation on which advanced math is built. In order to help prepare our students to be great learners, calculators will generally NOT be permitted in Middle/ High School Math classes (with the exception of the list below). Even when calculator use is permitted, it will be necessary to show work.

Our policy was created with state and national tests (SAT, SAT subject tests, ACT and AP Calculus Exam) as well as College placement tests in mind. The AP Calculus exam has both a calculator and non-calculator section. As a result, students must be able to work efficiently without the aid of technology. The College Board, which administers the SATs, recommends the use of a scientific or graphing calculator on the SAT. However, for the ACT it states that all problems can be solved without a calculator. On the SAT math subject tests, the board recommends a graphing calculator and states that some problems cannot be solved without a (scientific or graphing) calculator. On the other hand, many placement tests taken at Universities do not allow the use of a calculator.

Taking these into consideration, the Math Department wants to provide an opportunity for our students to hone their math skills without the use of a calculator.

We highly recommend that students NOT use calculators at home to complete their Math homework.

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