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DAS Newsletter

Principal's Message​

Assalamu Alaikum Dear Parents,

It is with great excitement that I welcome you to a new academic year at Darul Arqam School, a trusted name in the world of Islamic Education. In its fourteenth year of operation, Darul Arqam School continues to excel in growing a professional learning community of both educators and students, where connection and collaboration are the driving forces behind our progress and success.


In order to make our communication smooth and transparent for the whole year Inshaa Allah, please make note of the following channels used by Darul Arqam School:


  • Email Communications: Stay updated with all our school news through our Darul Arqam School Updates; an email communication from the Principal at least twice a week. Feel free to contact me for any concerns you may have by emailing me at All Staff members can be reached via email. Please check website for staff email addresses;

  • Teacherease: Check on your child’s progress in all subjects through getting access to the teachers’ online grade book. Visit and make sure to provide your email to your child’s homeroom teacher at the beginning of the year to get full access;

  • Homework Website: Know what your child’s homework is before she/he comes back home from school. All teachers plug in their homework on during the school day;

  • School Website: Our school website is where we post any news or documents that you may need throughout the year. You will be able to get access to the following:

          * Yearly Publications:  Parent/ Student Handbook, Curriculum Outlines, Yearly Calendar

          * Quarterly Publications: School Newsletter

          * Monthly Documents: Lunch Menus, Calendar of Events

          * General  Announcements: Emergency School Closings, Special Upcoming Events

May Allah make our years to come better than the past and give us success and prosperity in every step we take.  Ameen.


Sr. Iman ElDessouky
Principal, Darul Arqam School

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