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Online Resources

Math Resources, Activities, and Worksheets

SAT Practice: Official SAT website. Sign up for “question of the day”

Unofficial SAT practice test sites

Dr. Math: Brief explanations of various math problems


Virtual teacher


Brightstorm: Helpful instructional videos

Teacher's Domain


Math Bits: Fun, yet challenging, lessons and activities in secondary (and college level) mathematics and computer programming for students and teachers.'s Get the Math    

Mathbits: Good one day activities with worksheets

Regents Prep


Math resources for Geometry and Trigonometry


Fibonacci video

Dice question

Golden Ratio and Pascal's Triangle

The television show called NUMB3RS

Geometry of Solids Math Applets: Applets to look at solids

Platonic Solids: A site on platonic solids

Online Graphing Calculator

Math Games and Puzzles

Tangrams: Tangram puzzles

Math Games by Topic


Several Math Games


The World of Math Online: A collection of math tools and games.

Griddlers: Logic puzzles known as Nongram, Picross or iGridd

Logic Puzzles: List of printable logic puzzles

Games (look for virtual Mastermind!)

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