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School Improvement Committees

Please click here to download our Mid-Year Board-Parent Meeting Presentation

The purpose of the School Improvement Committees, is to funnel, prioritize and execute strategic school improvement projects utilizing DAS parents, teachers, students and administrators.

2012/2013 Committee                Focus                                               Members                                     Projects / Next Steps

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Quality of Education






Technology tools for students and administrators; Aggregates related feedback.

Accreditation program, innovative ideas, benchmarking, tutoring, extra-curricular and athletic programs; Aggregates all academic quality related feedback.

Plan and execute marketing programs to engage parents, attract new students and build schools reputation, website, social media, word-of-moth, etc Also, builds goodwill with local South River community as well as broader Muslim community. Aggregates related feedback.

School fundraising for tactical needs as well as strategic long-term project; Helps assess spending priorities; Works closely with Board Rep; Aggregates related feedback.

Identifies and coordinates school volunteers from Financial Aid parents and others for school administrative support needs.​

​Responsible for all maintenance, improvement and upgrade projects related to Darul Arqam School structure and buildings.

• Murtaza Khan
• Kewan Raheem
• Muhammad Azeem
• Rizwan Majeed
• Neil Shahroor
• Hamayoun Khan
• Abdur Rahim Soherwardy (Coordinator)
• Essam El Sherif (Board Liason)

• Dena Aboelela
• Zahira Abbas
• Lavern Muslim Chance
• Haitham Mahmoud
• Afzal Saeed
• Samantha Sanchez
• Hesham Tamraz (Board Liason)

• Rafi Khan
• Ramee Jaber
• Mahmood Aboelela
• Samantha Sanchez
• Mukaram Enifeni
• Idrees Mbenga
• Rafi-uddin Shikoh (Board Liason)


• Bashir Nuriddin
• Al Haddawi
• Mohamed Ali
• Shameer Sadar
• Kim Samad
• Iman Althawadi
• Mohamed Ali (Board Liason)

• Libby Mahdi
• Uzma Kewan
• Humaira Khan
• Nosheen Khan
• Kulsoom Asad
• Ophelia Badawi
• Sumaya Zaidan


















Short Term Goals:

• Improve Technology infrastructure
• Provide Teacher training.

Short & Long Term Goals:
• Accreditation
• Curriculum Assessment & development
• Tutoring program (for underperforming students)
• Teachers evaluation & development

Short & Long Term Goals:
• Reviewed current efforts
• Establish brand identity and messaging based on key selling points
• Update website
• Set strategic (measurable) objectives
• Word of Mouth
• Exit/ Entrance parent interviews

Short & Long Term Objectives:
• Make School debt free (Annual Feb Funsdraiser and Ramadan (Zakat))
• Raise funds for improvements
   o Utilities Fundraiser 

   o Personal Loans to school

• Self Sufficiency

Structure: Volunteer members would be responsible for communicating with administrators in Early Childhood, Elementary, Middle and High School.

Roles/Responsibilities: Serve as liaison between administrators and parents, to let parents know what administrators need help with in each grade level. Schedule and keep track of parents who are volunteering. Follow up with parents

Clubs: These are clubs that parents and H.S. students can get involved in if they have a special talent or skill (ORAGAMY, CHESS, WOOD-SHOP CLASS,


Current Project:
Bathroom Renovation Project (the blueprints can be found here)

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