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Ummah in Focus​
Students In Action & Ummah in Focus Join Hands to Help Restore Staten Island

Darul Arqam School High School Students come to the aid of the people of Staten Island on Saturday, November 10, 2012.

The arrival of devastation and depression

There was a known arrival of a hurricane
who didn't do much rather than brought pain.
Their tears were a bit too much to hold
with all the pain they couldn't stand bold.
watching the happiness drift away
as they watch upon it with nothing left to say.
and all it ended was with silence screaming
with broken hearts that weren't believing.
with blinded paths they could not see
with unidentified homes so sadly
an impacted force came and took it all
it led to disaster and a big fall
and now for the arrival of happiness to land
we must put ourselves out there with a helping hand
because nobody likes to be left in the rain

cold; lonely, just empty with pain.

By: Niha Cheema (9th Grade)

Our students from the Ummah in Focus Club, during our coat drive for Syria
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