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Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Program at Darul Arqam School provides a home away from home for your child.  Coupled with the most recent research in early childhood education and a dedicated and experienced staff, our various programs are the perfect choice for your child. 


Our program puts into practice the fact that children gain most of their lifetime education in the first few years of learning and that this learning takes places best through play and exploration.   Our philosophy is based on Islamic traditions in early childhood education. We value play as an integral part of learning and provide an environment that nurtures curiosity and inquiry.We teach literacy, mathematical concepts, science and social studies in developmentally appropriate ways to ensure that we instill the love of learning in our children, promoting confidence in their own abilities. 


We use a variety of whole group and small group interactions to learn about science, math, social studies and literacy.Children will also interact in centers that provide real-life experiences such as computers, dramatic play, art, as well as opportunities for gross motor play in our playroom or outdoors. Arabic and Quran instruction are infused with games, hands-on activities, and stories. Throughout the curriculum, as throughout our school in general, our students gain an awareness and understanding of their world, their Creator, and their faith.

Download our Pre-School and Pre Kindergarten Daily Schedule

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