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High School Program Rationale

The objective is to implement changes that will result in rigorous and relevant learning for all students, supported by strong, positive relationships, for the purpose of improving student achievement in the required academic subjects by developing skills based on the following four dimensions:

Foundation Learning: Academic learning in English language arts (reading/writing), mathematics, science, and other subjects identified by the school.

Stretch Learning: Demonstration of rigorous and relevant learning beyond minimum requirements (e.g. achievement/participation in higher level courses, specialized courses)

  • Interdisciplinary work and projects (e.g. senior exhibition)

  • Average number of college credits earned by graduation (dual enrollment)

  • Percent of students completing career majors or career/technical education programs

  • Achievement of specialized certificates (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco Academy)

Learner Engagement: The extent to which learners (1) are motivated and committed to learning, (2) have a sense of belonging and accomplishment, and (3) have relationships with adults, peers, and parents that support learning

Personal Skills Development: (1) Measures of personal, social, service, and leadership skills, and (2) demonstrations of positive behaviors and attitudes.


Darul Arqam School's high school graduates earn an Associate Degree in Islamic Studies through Manara Institute. High school students partake in a series of Islamic Studies courses taught by Manara professors.

Click here to learn more about our Manara Program.

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