High School
High School Program Rationale

The objective is to implement changes that will result in rigorous and relevant learning for all students, supported by strong, positive relationships, for the purpose of improving student achievement in the required academic subjects by developing skills based on the following four dimensions:


1. Foundation Learning:  Academic learning in English language arts (reading/writing), mathematics, science and other subjects identified by the school

2. Stretch Learning:  Demonstration of rigorous and relevant learning beyond minimum requirements (e.g., achievement/participation in higher level courses, specialized courses)
o Interdisciplinary work and projects (e.g., senior exhibition)
o Average number of college credits earned by graduation (dual enrollment)
o Percent of students completing career majors or career/technical education programs
o Achievement of specialized certificates (e.g., Microsoft, Cisco Academy)

3. Learner Engagement: The extent to which learners (1) are motivated and committed to learning, (2) have a sense of belonging and accomplishment, and (3) have relationships with adults, peers, and parents that support learning

4. Personal Skills Development: (1) Measures of personal, social, service, and leadership skills, and (2) demonstrations of positive behaviors and attitudes.

Online Learning - K12

Online technology enables students anywhere to take any course they like, from the best instructors in the world, and to customize learning to their own needs, schedules, styles, interests, and academic growth. K12 courses address the different ways that students learn, engaging them with the varied capabilities of the online medium. This includes Flash animation, game simulations, avatars, threaded online discussion groups, video lectures and online debates.


With the use of A+ Classroom Student Response Software (SRS) the system challenges students with today’s most engaging techniques. This classroom resource works in concert with most whiteboard systems and student “clicker” response devices to provide teachers with tools to improve student learning and increase student engagement.

Graded assignments measure mastery of objectives at the lesson, unit, and course level. Courses include e-books and highly sophisticated virtual labs, with options for physical textbooks and lab kits, as needed or desired.


Courses offered through K12 @ DAS:

  • Spanish I-II-III

  • World Geography

  • Psychology

  • Career Planning

  • Life Skills

  • Financial Literacy

  • Accounting

  • AP Chemistry

  • Flash Animation



Middlesex Community College (MCC) High School Scholars

Through an affiliation with Middlesex County Community College, students at DAS get to:
• Experience college work while still in high school.
• Earn college credits that will appear on a Middlesex County College transcript and may be accepted by other colleges.
• Explore different fields of study.

Courses offered through MCC High School Scholars
Effective Speech (3 credits)
Economics (3 credits)
Physics & Lab ( 4 credits)
Engineering Design and Development (3 credits)


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Social Studies

Physical Education



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