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Darul Arqam parents and students are our best ambassadors and as such we want to show you our appreciation.

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  • Open to all current Darul Arqam School families.

  • Referring family must have a child enrolled at Darul Arqam School.

  • Referring family must submit completed Referral Program Form to the main office prior to the completion of the admissions application of the prospective family.

  • Referring family must be listed by the prospective family as the "referral" on their admission application. Referrals cannot be made retroactively once the prospective family's admission application has been submitted.

  • For each eligible new family referred, the referring family will receive 1 month tuition free for each child (will be applied to the last month of the academic school year).

  • Referral discount will only be applied once the prospective student has completed the admissions process, has been accepted by the school, and has submitted all forms and required fees.

  • Prospective families must be new to Darul Arqam School. Former parents or those with siblings already enrolled at Darul Arqam do not qualify as "new" parents.

  • Referral discount is for 1 academic year and will not be implemented the following year.

  • Referral discount may not be divided between two families.

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