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Manara Program Overview

A few years ago, based on the feedback and conversations we had with our Alumni, we decided to revamp our Islamic Studies program for High School students. During this process we decided to look at higher educational institutions and courses they offered. Allah guided us towards Manara Institute and thus a wonderful relationship was formed. Since 2017 our students have been receiving instruction from Manara professors and taking course such as:

  • Islamic Culture

  • Jurisprudence of the Family

  • Doctrines & Sects

  • Islamic Aqedah

  • History and Realty of Islam in the West

  • Miracles of the Quran

  • Fiqh As-Sunnah

Our High School students take 4 courses each year and that combined with Quran and Arabic courses given at the school, students fulfil the degree requirements. Darul Arqam School’s first group of students to graduate with both a High School Diploma and an Associate Degree in Islamic Studies through this joint venture was in June 2021.

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