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Why Darul Arqam?

Excellent Early Childhood Program – Early childhood education benefits children, families and communities. We strive to give our children a solid foundation, through Montessori and traditional methods to achieve higher levels of academic, social and emotional development

Darul Arqam School

Tuition Assistance is Available – Students can apply for financial aid

State of the Art Infrastructure - Indoor Gym, Internet-capable Technology lab, Science lab

Affordability – Prospective families are surprised to find our school to be reasonably priced for the quality education compared to competing private schools in our area

Strong PTO and Parent Support – The PTO and parents work side by side at Bake Sales, fundraisers,  and at Extracurricular Activities etc.  Parents are an integral part of our school’s success!

Strong Enrichment Programs and Extracurricular Activities – Award winning programs boost our children’s self-esteem and help develop real-world concepts such as diversity, time management and relationship skills

Strong Quran, Arabic & Islamic Studies Program – Al-Azhar University Graduates provide high levels of teaching and strive to teach our children about Islam accurately. The teachers appropriately address learning hurdles and work closely with parents to challenge students and to give them a proper foundation

Academic Results – According to Terra Nova results, our students score at and above average.  Our high school students have 100% admittance into top universities

Strong Core Curriculum - Our school strives improve upon its strong foundation of knowledge, catered to each grade level, year over year.  The curriculum is sequenced and topics are well-developed. Teachers require children to supplement their knowledge with projects and all attend focused field trips to provide a rounded experience

Islamic Environment - The mission of Darul Arqam is to transmit knowledge, to provide a safe upbringing away from negative influences, and to develop a strong character through the values of Islam.  Our goal is to combine self-discipline, Islamic morals, and academic excellence in our students, following the guidance of the Quran and Sunnah

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