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DAS - PTO Welcomes You

Welcome to the new school year. We hope you had a happy and healthy summer.  The DAS PTO has already begun planning another successful year for our school.

The purpose of the PTO is to work with parents and students to strengthen and enrich the educational, social and individual experiences of our children, parents, teachers and staff. We achieve this by partnering with the administration and faculty to improve communication with Darul Arqam families and promoting a sense of community throughout our school and beyond. Our goal is to encourage the spirit of volunteerism among parents and students and support the school in their needs to enhance the school’s curriculum, programs and facilities.


Your support is critical to help us achieve our mission. Supporting the PTO can be as simple as attending our meetings and events and encouraging others to join us in all of our fun activities. In addition, you may volunteer to assist us coordinate events of your choice, which can be applied toward family volunteer/service hours. Our success is dependent upon our volunteers. Parental leadership and involvement are instrumental to the success of our children.


With your support, the DAS PTO has successfully been able to provide the following:


Fun events: Book Fairs, Family fun events, Pizza & Ice cream parties, Movie Nights, Iftars, Sisters luncheons,  Student Eid giveaways, Teacher Appreciation week activities.

Classroom/School Improvement: Teacher Wishlist Fulfillment, School Cleanup, Teacher Lounge Makeover, Smart Boards, Student Planners.

Fundraisers:  Chocolate Fundraiser, Box Tops for Education, School Annual Calendars, Honey Jars.















We encourage parents to join us throughout the year in our open meetings.  Each meeting will begin with the opportunity for parents to give feedback and share ideas to improve the PTO or pass onto the school Administration and board.


Participation in all PTO activities/meetings can go toward the completion of school service hours




We recommend that parents join the DAS PTO Google group for regular updates that include any meeting changes, requests for assistance and meeting minutes in case you are unable to attend the meetings but still want to get updates on all of our activities. 


We look forward to meeting and working with all DAS families throughout the year in sha' Allah.


School Easy Cash Campaigns


As parents, we all have the intention to give to our children’s school, but sometimes can’t for lack of funds. But did you know there are several easy ways to donate to Darul Arqam, without spending an extra penny out of pocket? Click here to find out how you can participate in Boxtops, rally for Recess, labels for education, and several Retailer free cash campaigns.

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