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New Jersey Science Olympiad​ has been on the leading edge of educational innovations since 1993. These innovations include high academic standards; demonstration of skills through performance testing; learning through hands-on, minds-on activities; cooperative learning through events that require teamwork; improved self-concept through success in achieving high standards, and making applications and connections to the real world.​

New Jersey Science Olympiad events are closely aligned with New Jersey Science Education Standards and include strong components for problem-solving, critical thinking, and use of technology.​

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  • How can I stay informed?
    We have several ways that we communicate information about our school. The first is our school website The second is our Facebook page at The third is through SchoolReach which is used to send emails, text messages and voice messages to parents. Messages will be sent directly to the email address or cell phone number we have on file. Please be sure we have your most updated information.
  • Where can I get information about the school uniform?
    Students in grades K-12 must wear our school uniform, both dress and gym. Please visit the school website and click on School Uniform under the Admissions tab. You may also contact Flynn and O’Hara, our official distributor, at or call 1-800-441-4122. All students are expected to be in proper, official school uniform. Only uniforms purchased through Flynn and O’Hara are acceptable. Fourth grade girls and up wear abayas. The DAS uniform is called “Uniform Abaya” and is available in Kids or Adult sizes in Maroon and Dark Grey. Please see our school website to be sure what color you need. They are available only from East Essence at
  • What is the dropoff procedure?
    Students should be dropped off no earlier than 7:45am. Students in grades Preschool-Kindergarten should use the Leland Ave carpool entrance (second door). Students in grades 1-12 should be dropped off at the Gym/Parking Lot entrance. A staff member is stationed at each entrance every morning to receive the students. They will attend assembly in the gym which includes morning azkar and announcements. We encourage all students to be at assembly at 7:50am and start our collective day with the name of Allah. Any families with children spanning both lower and upper grades should use the Leland Ave entrance. These entrances are open until 8:05am. They are then closed for security reasons . After 8:05, all students must come through the main entrance on Leland Avenue (first door). These students will be considered late and homeroom teachers will give them a late pass.
  • What is the pickup procedure?
    Dismissal from Preschool and Prekindergarten for students with no siblings in K-12 is at 2:30pm. Dismissal for all other students is at 3:10pm. The same procedure is followed as with dropoff. Please pick up your child at the same entrance you drop off. Students line up at their designated exits and wait with their teachers for their names to be called when you arrive. All students must be picked up by 3:25pm. After 3:25 pm, these exits will be closed and your child must be picked up at the main office. You must enter the building through the main office entrance and for every 5 minutes you are late an aftercare fee will be assessed. Please see handbook for details.
  • What if I want to visit the school or volunteer?
    We welcome parents to our school as part of the Darul Arqam community. Parents who wish to enter the school building either for business in the main office or to volunteer MUST enter through the main entrance on Leland Ave. This will be enforced strictly and in Early Childhood will begin to be enforced on the second day of school. Please report to the main office upon entry. If you plan to volunteer, you will sign in and receive a visitors’ pass. No parents may go directly to their child’s classroom. This is for security purposes. The safety of our students is of utmost importance. If you are picking up your child early, please report to the office to sign them out and we will call them to the office.
  • Where should I park when visiting the school?
    When dropping off or picking up, we strongly encourage parents NOT to park. Please proceed in the carpool lines without exiting your car unnecessarily. Let students out only at designated area. This will help us to have a smooth transition. If you are visiting during the day, please park on the street or in the parking lot at the church at the end of Leland Ave. Please DO NOT park in the school parking lot as these spaces are limited and reserved for our staff members.
  • When will I meet my child’s teachers and learn about the curriculum?
    Back to School Night for Early Childhood and Elementary is scheduled for September 12th from 5-7pm. Back to School Night for Middle School and High School is scheduled for September 19th from 5-7pm. At these events, you will have a chance to visit your child’s classroom and meet with their homeroom and subject teachers. Information about their classroom procedures and expectations will be distributed and you will have the chance to ask any questions you may have.
  • How can I find out information pertaining to my child’s class and progress?
    For information on your child's progress in their classes, you can access the school portal at All assignments and grades, including report cards, are available on Teacherease. In addition, it is also used for school announcements. If you don't know your account login credentials, please contact
  • Is there a lunch program at DAS?
    Yes! We will be sending home hot lunch forms in the first few weeks of school. The hot lunch program will begin in October. It is available Monday-Thursday. This is an optional program. Fridays are reserved for class bake sales. Bake sales are run by homeroom teachers or coordinators of extracurricular activities and help to raise funds for activities. Food and snacks are sold on these days. If you would like your child to participate, please send money with them in a sealed, marked envelope. You can always send lunch from home. Please be aware that DAS is a NUT-FREE environment. All foods and snacks brought from home, including those for sale at bake sales, must be NUT FREE.
  • How can I get involved?
    There are many ways to get involved at DAS. We have many events throughout the year where extra assistance is needed. We can always use extra support on a daily basis. DAS requires 25 volunteer hours per family which are essential in helping our school run smoothly. Filling out your mandatory volunteer hours form is the first step to fulfilling your duty. Please see handbook regarding details. In addition, we have a wonderful, active PTO. They plan many events throughout the year that bring our community together. The PTO will send information home about their plans for the year. You can reach the PTO at
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