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Science ​Olympiad
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New Jersey Science Olympiadhas been on the leading edge of educational innovations since 1993. These innovations include high academic standards; demonstration of skills through performance testing; learning through hands-on, minds-on activities; cooperative learning through events that require teamwork; improved self-concept through success in achieving high standards and making applications and connections to the real world.​

New Jersey Science Olympiad events are closely aligned with New Jersey Science Education Standards and include strong components for problem solving, critical thinking and use of technology.

Historical Data

Middle and High School Science Olympiad 2018


Maryam Elbenni   -   1st Place rocks and minerals

Barzah Chowdhury   -   1st Place rocks and minerals

Neha Tehmas   -   4th Place Battery Buggy

Haniyah Mahmood   -   4th Place Battery Buggy



Middle and High School Science Olympiad 2017

Maryam Ali   -   1st Place Scrambler

Maryam Elbenni   -   1st Place Scrambler

Sumaiyah Sadar   -   2nd Place Towers

Sawera Mahmood   -   2nd Place Towers

Karim Smires   -   5th Place Bottle Rocket

Zayd Shaikh   -   5th Place Bottle Rocket



The Middle School and High School Science Olympiad teams participated last Saturday, 4th January 2014, at the regional competition held at Camden County Community College.  


The results were as follows:


Division C: (High School)

1)  5th Place in Write It, Do It- Ahmed ElBenni, Shahid Sadar, Mahmoud Soliman& Mohamed Sakar


Division B: (Middle School)

1)  3rd Place in Rocks and Minerals- Sawera Mahmoud & Zainab ElHadawi

2)  5th Place in Biology Blitz- Sameha Rao & Ikram Boukra

3)  5th Place in Write It, Do It- Samaa ElBanaa & Lailah Ahmed

4)  6th Place in Experimental Design-  Asya Sakar, Serah Sannoh & Nour Yousry







The results are as follows:

Division C: (High School)
1) 6th Place in Gravity Vehicle- Jasmin Zayed and Bouhaitha Youssef

Division B: (Middle School)
1) 4th Place in Biology Blitz- Ikram Boukra and Hadia Awan
2) 5th Place in Boomilever- Shaheer Kamil and Mahmoud Zayed
3) 3rd Place in Metric Mastery- Sarah Aly and Nada Mohamed
4) 4th Place in Mouse-trap Vehicle- Saiful-Islam Ahmed and Huzaifa
5) 6th Place in Rocks and Minerals- Asmaa Elbenni and Israa Elsheriff

Darul Arqam School placed 6th overall in Division B earning a trophy and a possible spot in the State Competition. The actual results will be verified and posted online after one week from the Regional Competition held yesterday.


Darul Arqam Participation & Awards:

2012: DAA Elementary Science Olympiad Team competed against other schools in the regional tournament held at West Amwell Elementary on Thursday, March 1st, 2012 and Alhamdulilah the team has done a wonderful job! They have placed as follows:
Chopper Challenge: 2nd Place
Barge Building: 3rd Place
Rubber Band Catapult: 3rd Place


2010: Congratulations to our winning Middle School Science Olympiad team for winning 11 awards on Saturday, January 9th, 2010 at the NJ Science Olympiad Regional Tournament.


Click here for the list of winners of the Science Olympiad.

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