Volunteer Program

Alsalam Alaikum Dear Parents,


Welcome to the new school year! 


Alma Powel said, “There is no better investment of time and money than in the life of a child. They are the future.” Volunteers provide a valuable service to the teachers and school as a whole. Involved parents will have children who are committed to education.


Families are required to put in 25 hours of volunteer service yearly. If this cannot be fulfilled, then a fee of $250 per family is required to be paid by March of each school year.


Volunteer opportunities include:


  1. School Programs and Events (Ex: Hajj day, Muslim Spelling Bee)

  2. Fundraising programs

  3. Field trip coordination and chaperoning

  4. General lunch monitor (10:45 – 1)

  5. Early childhood assistance (11-2)

  6. First grade teacher assistance (11-12)

  7. Clerical work for all departments (Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday)

  8. PTO snack sales (Tuesday and Friday from 10:45 – 1)

  9. Substitute teachers when needed

  10. Drop off (7:40 to 8:10)


** All volunteers are required to go to the main office first, obtain a volunteer badge and sign in on the general visitor page and their specific volunteer page in the binder.